Emerging Image Modalities Representation and Compression


If you use these databases in your publications, please refer the following paper:

Stuart Perry, Huy Phi Cong, Luís A. da Silva Cruz, João Prazeres, Manuela Pereira, Antonio Pinheiro, Emil Dumic, Evangelos Alexiou, Touradj Ebrahimi, “QUALITY EVALUATION OF STATIC POINT CLOUDS ENCODED USING MPEG CODECS,” 27th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2020), October 2020, Pages , [URL]


Point Clouds, reference and distorted

Name Reconstruction Reference GPCC_Octree GPCC_Trisoup VPCC
Long Dress LongDress Zip Zip Zip Zip
Loot Loot Zip Zip Zip Zip
Soldier Soldier Zip Zip Zip Zip
Red and Black redandblack Zip Zip Zip Zip
Ricardo10 Ricardo10 Zip Zip Zip Zip
Sarah9 Sarah9 Zip Zip Zip Zip

MOS Results - Zip

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